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Commercial CCTV in Derby

A CCTV system can be used for crowd control, monitoring and detection, recognition or identification.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring the safety and security of your premises is paramount. As threats evolve, so do our surveillance technologies. That’s where our comprehensive range of Commercial CCTV Systems comes into play. We specialise in providing state-of-the-art HD CCTV cameras and recording equipment tailored to meet the diverse surveillance needs of modern businesses in Derbyshire and surrounding areas.

CCTV Installation Services

Our team of experts provide professional CCTV installation services tailored to meet your company’s particular needs and your general security needs. We can supervise entry and exit points, manage parking lots with licence plate recognition, secure reception entrances, and keep an eye on business activities. We hope to give you that peace of mind by ensuring your property is constantly monitored.

HD CCTV Cameras and Recording equipment

We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art HD CCTV cameras and recording devices that produce flawless performance and pristine images. Our systems use network video recorders, or NVRs, to store video safely. Being able to watch the CCTV video feed on specialised monitors, desktop computers, or mobile devices through an app allows you to monitor your property from any location in the world.

Remote Monitoring and Response

For enhanced security, we offer monitored CCTV systems to businesses throughout Derbyshire that provide round-the-clock surveillance. We ensure swift detection of any suspicious activity by integrating HD cameras with external movement detectors, beams, or analytics. In the event of an alarm activation, images are sent to a Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). Trained professionals can then assess the situation and issue live audio challenges. If intruders persist, the authorities are promptly notified, ensuring a rapid response to mitigate any potential threats.

CCTV Repair and Maintenance Services in Derby

We understand the importance of maintaining the reliability and functionality of your CCTV systems. That’s why we offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services to keep your surveillance infrastructure operating at peak performance. From routine inspections to timely repairs, our dedicated Derbyshire team ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.

Data Protection Compliance

In an era of heightened data protection regulations, we prioritise compliance with the Data Protection Act. If your CCTV system is required to be registered, we provide the necessary management tools to facilitate seamless compliance. Rest assured that your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with regulatory requirements For more information, please visit

Upgrade Solutions for Existing CCTV Systems

Even if you have an existing analogue CCTV system in place, our HD-TVI technology offers a seamless upgrade path. By harnessing the power of HD images and leveraging existing coaxial cabling infrastructure, you can enhance the effectiveness of your surveillance without the need for costly reinstallation.

Our Commercial CCTV Systems offer a comprehensive solution to safeguard your business premises. From expert installation services to remote monitoring and timely maintenance, we are committed to delivering unparalleled security solutions tailored to your unique needs

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