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Intruder alarms

Securing and protecting your home and family remains a key priority for most households. Intruder alarms are a robust deterrent for prospective thieves and can raise an alarm with your neighbourhood or the relevant authorities should someone attempt to gain access to your property. See how our expert solutions can keep your home safe today!

Trusted Domestic Security

We offer a range of intruder alarm systems from audible-only to 24-hour monitored systems for key holder and/or police response, all using up to date hard wired and/or wireless technology. For a comprehensive security package choose a security system that can be integrated with access control technology and CCTV. Our wide range of burglar systems mean that whatever your requirements, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Audible-Only Burglar Alarms

Audible-only systems will generate a loud warning tone internally and externally. These systems are designed to deter intruders and alert the neighbourhood to attempted criminal activity. These systems can be enhanced to notify designated key holders via a telephone call, SMS or push notification, meaning you can get updates in real-time.

Monitored Security For Peace Of Mind

Our monitored system packages provide dedicated support for your security. Our team, together with our nominated alarm receiving centre, are able to receive and process a range of alarm signals using CSL DualCom – from intruder alarm and hold-up (personal attack) signals, to fire alarm, carbon monoxide and technical faults such as freezer failure or cellar flooding. The appropriate response, which will have been agreed prior to installation, will then be executed. This could include notifying the authorities or designated key holder.

Cloud Based Alert Systems

Our audible-only systems are designed to simply alert the neighbourhood, and act as a deterrent to the intruder. In addition a WiFi or ethernet module can be connected to your broadband router to offer full control of your alarm system. The Smart app will allow you to set and unset your alarm system and also receive push Notifications in the event of an alarm – keeping you connected with your home security at all times.

Expert Intruder Alarm Installation

With the experience of our installation team you can ensure that your alarm system is installed effectively. We help design and implement your system so that, whilst it acts as a visual deterrent, it also looks sleek on your property. Our engineers deliver a quick installation turnaround, meaning your home can be protected immediately. We provide security consultation, ensuring that your alarms are positioned optimally to give the best performance and that you can easily operate the system from within your home.

Why Use Class A for your Security Solutions?

When you invest in a Class A system, you’re guaranteed outstanding customer service that will leave you feeling completely confident in our solutions. We’re passionate about helping our clients feel secure in their homes and giving them the confidence to leave their properties unoccupied without concern. Our reliable intruder systems will provide a powerful form of deterrent and our security consultants will be able to design a bespoke system that will cater for your unique requirements. When utilising Class A services, you can benefit from the expert advice of our security consults and the prompt installation of our professional engineers.

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