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Home CCTV Systems

CCTV systems can be installed to monitor the perimeter of your property and any other specified areas giving you piece of mind that your home is protected at all times. At Class A Alarms, our engineers specialise in high quality domestic CCTV packages that will secure your property, act as a theft deterrent and provide evidential opportunities should criminal activity occur.

IP CCTV Systems

Our High Definition CCTV systems provide high quality and affordable solutions to enable you to monitor and record persons or vehicles entering or moving around your property by placing one or multiple cameras around your home.

The crystal clear camera images can be stored using Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and viewed on either designated LCD monitors or interfaced directly with home technology system to view on your PC or even on smart devices via an app anywhere in the world, giving you access to live or recorded images and total piece of mind when you are away.

Existing CCTV Systems

Existing analogue CCTV systems can easily be upgraded with new HD-TVI technology to provide HD images utilising coaxial (RG59) cabling previously installed. This advanced equipment provides better resolution recordings and an easy-use interface for operation.

High Quality CCTV Equipment

Our high quality CCTV equipment guarantees crystal clear resolution and audio recordings. With our advanced technology, your CCTV system can be used to provide strong evidential recordings in the event of criminal activity occurring and can provide a strong deterrent to potential thieves. Our durable camera equipment is easy to install and operate and will stand the test of time – making it an invaluable investment for your home!

Industry-Leading Security Consultations

Class A Alarms are industry-leading security experts. Our engineers will help you design bespoke security solutions that take in the unique requirements and challenges of your property, such as entrance points and blind spots. We can help advise on other security solutions to enhance your package, such as intruder alarms and control access systems. Book your free consultation today to find out more!

Expert CCTV Installation

Benefit from our professional installation CCTV services which will ensure your cameras are implemented around your property effectively. Our experts deliver a quick installation turnaround, meaning your home can be protected immediately. We provide security consultation, ensuring that your cameras are positioned optimally to give the best performance.

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