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Door & Gate Entry Systems

Control access systems for doors and gates give you an added level of security in your premises. Gain complete control of who enters your property with our secure door and gate entry systems that enables you to manage access from the comfort of your home. Class A Fire & Security can offer a bespoke package design service to meet your home and family requirements – find out more today!


Wired Entry Systems

We offer a range of door or gate entry systems from simple audio to allow two-way communication to audio/video solutions offering not only two-way speech communication but also an image of your visitor. Simple telephone handsets to miniature, flush-mounted, colour LCD monitors, can be installed in various locations around your home for convenience. In some cases, entry systems can be integrated with CCTV technology allowing you to view a number of camera images around your property from one location.

GSM Entry Systems

GSM Entry Systems are an ideal solution where cable installation is unfeasible. They simply work by inserting a prepaid or contracted SIM card into the entry panel of your choice. When the call button is pressed the SIM card will call pre-programmed telephone numbers. Upon answering your home or mobile telephone you can commence a conversation with the person waiting at your gate. When an identification of this person has been established the gate can be released at the press of a button on your telephone handset.

Professional Secure Access Systems

At Class A Fire & Security, we’re proud to offer a range of solutions and technology from industry-leading brands. Our high quality door and gate control systems will ensure that you have a complete overview of the individuals granted access to your premises. With our flexible packages you can incorporate high resolution CCTV systems to produce continuous recordings and give you a visual communication of anyone attempting entry.

Quick Turnaround & Installation

Our team of specialists can work quickly to design and install your unique security package. With our swift turnaround you can benefit from peace of mind that your home will be protected as soon as possible. When installing your system our friendly team will show you how to use each of the security features and be able to offer security advice for your home.

Expert Security Consultations

We’ve built an outstanding reputation within the security industry and are passionate about empowering our customers to feel secure in their homes. Our specialists will help you plan and design bespoke security packages that take in the unique requirements and challenges of your property. We can help advise on other security solutions to enhance your door and gate entry package, such as CCTV and intruder alarms. Book your free consultation today to find out more!

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