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Commercial Intruder Alarms

Securing and protecting your premises and staff remains a key priority for commercial organisations. Keep your business protected with our effective intruder alarm systems that will deter thieves and criminal activity.

Trusted Business Intruder Systems

Theft can have a huge impact on your business, leaving your organisation vulnerable. At Class A Alarms, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding business intruder systems that won’t let you down. Our reliable solutions will keep your business protected at all times. Many businesses with an intruder alarm installed also benefit from reduced insurance premiums, making it a valuable investment.

Monitored Hold-Up Alarm Systems

Class A Alarms offers a range of intruder and Hold-Up alarm systems with responses ranging from private key holders, a professional key holding service or if appropriate, police response. Our monitored systems, together with our nominated alarm receiving centre, are able to receive and process a range of signals using CSL DualCom or BT RedCare. We can monitor signals from a range of sources including intruder alarms, Hold-Up alarms, fire alarms and technical fault signals (such as power failure or flooding.) The appropriate response, which will have been agreed prior to installation, will then be executed. This can include contacting the police, authorities or a designated key holder.

Cloud-Based Alert Systems

Our audible-only systems are designed to simply alert the surrounding buildings, and act as a deterrent to the intruder. In addition a WiFi or ethernet module can be connected to your broadband router to offer full control of your alarm system. The Smart app will allow you to set and unset your alarm system and also receive ‘Push Notifications’ in the event of an alarm – keeping you connected with your home security at all times.

Integrated Security Systems

A burglar alarm acts as a deterrent, but a more robust solution is to implement it is as part of a larger security network. Keep your business protected with a comprehensive security package that includes Access Control systems, monitored CCTV and responsive intruder alarms. Speak to our consultants today to design the perfect system that suits your business requirements.

Expert Intruder Alarm Installation

Get your business protecting immediately! Our experienced installation team work with a quick turnaround, meaning you can implement your system quickly and protect your team as soon as possible. Our professional installers will ensure your alarm system is implemented effectively and that, whilst acting as a visual deterrent, it also won’t interfere with the aesthetic of your premises. We provide security consultation, ensuring that your alarms are positioned optimally to give the best performance and that you can easily operate the system from within the building.

Why Use Class A for your Security Solutions?

When you invest in a Class A system, you’re guaranteed outstanding customer service that will leave you feeling in safe hands. We’re passionate about enabling our clients to secure their assets and give their team the confidence to work in complete safety. Our reliable intruder alarms form a powerful deterrent for would-be thieves and help you minimise the impact of any intruder attempt. Our security consultants can design a bespoke system that’s tailored to your business and budget. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our industry-leading security consultants who can ensure you’re installing the perfect system for your requirements.

Protect your business today!

Install one of our intruder alarms and enjoy complete peace of mind during commercial operations. To design your perfect system get in touch with our team today and book your free security consultation!

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